MVC ASP.Net Web Applications

Microsoft MVC for ASP.Net is a powerful framework for building web applications using a "Model View Component" design. The Model represents the application core (for instance a list of database records). The View displays the data (the database records). The Controller handles the input (to the database records). The MVC model also provides full control over HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

The key benefit to this is being able to access your website or data from any device. This means that not only can browsers access your website, but also apps written for cell phones and tablets (non browsers) can just download a data file automatically. Learn More

Windows Software Applications

Now that Windows XP has been discontinued for support, many have adopted Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. So now it's time to upgrade our applications to run on these platforms. Were even more excited about Windows 10 that’s just around the corner. With the new compilers available today, we can add many new features to your software applications such as touchscreen and drag and drop functionality.

The key benefit to this is being able to provide your customers "apps" that can access your MVC ASP.Net website to just download data, and be able to preform advanced fucntionality beyond what any web browser can provide. We can also write crawlers that can extract or strip data from older websites as well. Learn More

Windows Software Overlay Applications

Many businesses still have legacy software dating back to Windows 98 and even DOS applications; yes 1985. The programs are rock solid and provides all the functionality needed today. redCopper has built many overlay applications that are made for Windows 7+, yet are able to access the legacy data.

The key benefit to this is to be able to offer your younger employees an easier to use interface, which can be targeted towards key functions within the company. Consider adding electroinc invoicing via email, past due notices, order confirmations and more; eliminating old school devices like the fax machine and dot matrix printers. Learn More