No more lost, misplaced or forgotten online orders

HX5 - Product Display System HX5 eCommerce Solutions Platform offers a queue based fulfillment and shipping system that tracks every order like a POS system in a restaurant, so all orders are packed and shipped on time without delay. It's multi-user design allows any website operator to quickly pickup where the last operator left off without skipping a beat. This results in the highest levels of customer satisfaction possible from your business or organizations online store operations.

Customize HX5 to look any way you want. HX5 uses HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery for full flexibility in how you want your store to look. There are no table or cell elements, and uses div elements to satisfy the HTML purest.

HX5 can be used as a SAS Application and hosted on our systems, or you can license HX5 and use it on your system. The shopping systems are open source, and can be downloaded upon request.

Started in 2003, redCopper has been providing software components to the eCommerce Industry. We started development of our own eCommerce system back in 2007. First branded as Internet Commerce Engine 5, it has been rebranded as the new HX5 cloud computing application in 2014.

Supports the following payment gateways
  • Chase Payment Tech
  • First Data - Level 3 Support
  • Merchant Plus
  • Paypal NVD
  • Secure Net
  • Capture or Auth Only modes
  • MOD 10 card number validator
Supports the following shipping companies
  • DHL International
  • FedEx
  • Fedex Freight
  • UPS
Complete backend management using the Site Administrator

This is the HX5 Order Scoreboard on the backend Site Administrator. Website Operators use this HX5 System to manage the entire website. (Example 2)

HX5 - Order Scoreboard Every aspect of daily operation can be handled via the Site Administrator. The store activity dashboard shows the 4 queues that all orders transverse. Quickly view sales for the day, month and year using the charts and reports. The marketing activity dashboard shows you how many customers have signed up to your mailing list. Items not purchased today shows your store activity for the day, and what items have been abandoned in shopping carts. Inventory Alerts quickly shows items that are low in inventory, or out of stock for reordering.

  • Held for Review - Orders suspected of fraud, or orders that need help in final processing.
  • Abandoned Orders - Pickup an order where the customer left off, assisting them to complete the order.
  • Customer Messages, Track and answer questions, or forward them to an expert.
  • Sales Reports - There are over 40 reports available.
  • Product Management - Manage all products and categories.
  • Multiple product display systems with site admin previews.
  • Inventory Management - Manage all inventory levels for reordering, out of stock notifications.
  • Movie Management - Manage videos that are associated with a product.
  • Customer Lookup - Lookup any customer and all orders associated with them.
  • Password Reset, generate a password, or update the password.
  • Free Gift - Add a free gift upon fulfillment.
  • Email Advertising - just like constant contact with a collection of templates.
  • Email Advertising - extract product data straight to email templates.
  • Sends Emails on a background thread, to quickly do the next task.
  • Full Credit Card Processing - Refunds, Credits, Voids, Batch Capture.
  • Multi-User Capable, Keep track of who did what.
  • Realtime of flat fee ship rates.
  • Sophisticated Product Search System.
  • Support for mobile devices such as tablets and cell phones.
  • Device Sensor - Senses Desktop and Mobile Devices for the proper HTML output.
  • Customizable Content Containers - Add and Edit a container on any web page, change daily
  • Flexible HTML Email Templates - change the look of your emails via HTML files.
  • Custom Encryption Key to make your data unique.
More about HX5

How to get HX5

Feel free to give us a call 714-845-9284 about HX5. Pricing starts at $999.00 and includes all the code modules in the program (38 of them) and the website project solution.

Support can be purchased for a small fee, just to cover our time, but of the support issues have been solved through the years.

Customization can be purchased for $25.00 an hour.