Windows Overlay Applications

So what is an overlay application?

Many businesses have old legacy software dating back to perhaps 1990, such as DOS applications. Most of these are accounting or billing applications, which are rock solid, in which there is no practical reason to replace them. Or the cost of replacing then starts at around 50K, when you include data conversions, training and deployments.

So redCopper writes overlay apps, a Windows 7+ application that is modern in design and functionality, yet can access the much older data files. Examples of this could be the software billing app for your utility company, in which it's smarter to change the program over a longer period of time, so billing mistakes do not occur. Or your accounting application, in which you have still not found a better version that has all the features you want, but need a better user interface for the common tasks.

I don't understand why overlay applications, explain this to me please.

At first, redCopper did not understand why we had so many request for these overlay programs until it was explained to us by a retired IT director for a large electric utility company. He explained how so many systems were developed in the 80's and 90's using DBase and Borland Paradox, using DOS interfaces, and some early windows applications.

It was smarter to just keep the data structure in place, because the current structure we have was still overkill for the amount of data that we store, But necessary to keep updating the user interface. Over a period of several decades, we ended writing specific programs for each department, which only needed let’s say 10% of the data to operate. It kept us current, while offering the highest level of service to both internal and external customers.

Sounds good, let's take this concept to the next level.

Ok, that makes sense to me. So redCopper took these overlay applications to the next level, by offering electronic invoicing, past due notices and so forth.

So let's take a look at Account Mate Extras 2015

AccountMate Extras 2015 - Main Menu
Main Menu (Example 1)

We wrote this for the downstairs part of the operation. It an overlay software application for Account Mate DOS written back in 1990. We looked at upgrading, but the company would not cut us a break in the price of services. So we just wrote an overlay app to speed up the operation of several daily tasks. It actually worked out pretty nice, and they use the hell out of it every day.

But wait, theres more

AccountMate Extras 2015 - Order Confirmation
Order Confirmation (Example 2)

We started out with electronic invoicing, which worked out well, saving money on multi-part forms and stamps, and then added many more modules to it, one month at a time.

  • Electronic Invoicing via PDF and Email - generate a custom invoice in the form of a PDF, and attach
  • Email Address Validator - DNS lookup and direct probing of the customers email server
  • CC the Sales Rep with the Invoice
  • Order Confirmations - generate a PDF version of the sales order, for electronic signing
  • Customer ATD Report, electronically generate an ATD report and email to customer
  • Past Due Notices, Automatically calculate past dues payments, generate a statement, invoice and letter in the form of a PDF and email to customer.
  • Report module, using several filters to isolate data, and printable.
  • Chart module, generate sales charts that are printable on any printer.
  • Each copy of this program can be customized to the user’s preferences.
  • Window size and position memory, split container width memory.
AccountMate Extras 2015 - Reports
Reports (Example 3)

I'd like to show you more, but I would have to black out all the personal information displayed.

Consider redCopper to write your company an overlay application

You could choose a code shop from anywhere in the world, but redCopper is pretty good at this. We have many features that you may not be able to get from other shops. Take our email validator for instance, for we can do a DNS lookup and verification for correct input, and probe the listed email servers, for a 99% accuracy check. And were really good at PDF generation and copying your existing forms. Plus I think we have a great easy to use interface as well.