About redCopper, Inc.

redCopper has been in business since 2003, creating web technolgies for small and medium size business. Under various different partnerships, we have created software applications such as Page Ability dating back to 1995. Page Ability was a DOS and Windows based app that generates text messages for pagers.

We use to be a PHP shop, but since 2007 we have just been writing in C++ and ASP.NET managed code. We still do modifications to PHP websites, such as PHP 5.3 upgrades, and garbage collectors with better use of the c++ format. We also offer a variety of programming services, such as Windows Services that run in the background for both client and server based Windows Operating Systems, and Windows Applications for the lastest OS's such as Windows 8.1 and the new Windows 10.

redCopper also offers web hosting services for our customers as well, using the latest in technology such as virtual servers running on a hypervisor, and SSD harddrives for faster operations. We have both in house servers and use remote servers as well with 24/7 security and backup generators.

So basically were a full service code shop, that specializes in Microsoft Technology. We do both windows client and Microsoft web apps so we have both sides covered. We also pretty good at marketing as well, but prefer to just write code and let you plugin your copy and pictures.

redCopper is:

About Me
Jim Kirker
Founder redCopper
United States US

Jim is the founder of redCopper, a kiddie programmer in junior high, then a data contractor, and back to actually programming at night again in 1995. Finally in 2003, went back to programming again for the 3rd time in a full time role.

He claims to be both a data contractor that is an expert in data wiring and fiber optic cabling, and an expert in radio communications acquired during his data contracting days. Has travel across many states from the Mississippi River to Hawaii, shipping mobile data trucks on simple pallets from job site to job site. Tired of waking up in strange hotel rooms, it was time to hang-up the tool belts and get back to programming.

His programming experience is C++ C#, SQL, ASP, ASP.NET, VB and those pesky client scripts like JavaScript and JQuery.

Bowling is his other passion, and spends his free time as a volunteer for the USBC Youth Organization, and Level 1 coaching entry level bowlers.

When not in town, he's in Vegas at a bowling tournament or sweeps function, enjoying those complimentary beers and playing those boring video poker machines.

He is native, born in California and lives near the beach. Many weekends were spent hanging out on the beach and riding his Schwinn beach cruiser on the bike trail.